Storytelling coaching for everyday writers with life-changing stories

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Have you ever found yourself thinking…

    • "I know I have a story that could help and inspire others - but I don't know where to start..."

    • "I wish I could write a book - but I can't do it on my own (Also, I kind of suck at grammar)..."

    • "As an entrepreneur, I'd love to find a way to share my personal story in an authentic, heart-centred way that shows my clients WHY I do what I do...But I'm too busy to sit down & write."

If so, I want you to know that you’re not alone…


But most importantly, I want to help you stop dreaming, and start doing…


Hi I’m Jas,

I’m an Australian mental health speaker, ghostwriter, and author of the bestselling, internationally renowned series ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day.’


As a survivor of family violence and sexual assault, I understand deeply the barriers that often hold people back from living life to the fullest, and I’m passionate about empowering others to use their past adversities as stepping stones to a brighter future.


This is why I created my book series, ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day’…



…a collection of inspiring memoirs from both high-profile and everyday people across the world who’ve found a way to triumph over their past traumas,and redefine their life with purpose.


jas rawlinson author mentor & book writing coach

I’ve worked with everyone from high-profile musicians and globally-renowned speakers…to mums, entrepreneurs, and everyday community advocates in rural towns…

The people I coach come from an array of different backgrounds and cultures…and have each walked through some of the most difficult things you could imagine…


Everything from insitutional abuse and domestic violence, to veteran PTSD, child abuse, addictions, eating disorders, and chronic illness…


Yet they are not defined by their trauma…


And most importantly, each of these humans have a powerful story of hope and resilience to share with the world. 


Maybe you have a story like this, too? 


A story that could change lives…


But you just need some help to get it out into the world.


Write to Inspire –

High-touch, 1:1 storytelling coaching, marketing & editing for aspiring writers with life-changing stories

Due to popular demand, I’m once again offering my ‘Write to Inspire: from everyday writer to published author’ storytelling mentorships! (Check out some of my #EverydayWriters below). 


In a nutshell, ‘Write to Inspire’ is all about teaching aspiring writers to: 


– Find their message to the world

– Transform it into a powerful 3000 word memoir

– And use this short-story to inspire, change lives, and grow their business/brand at the same time


And the best part? In 2020, I’ll be choosing 10 of the most inspiring stories from my ‘Write to Inspire’ clients to publish in the 3rd and final volume of my bestselling series, ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day! 


That’s right…I’m opening up my schedule to help you finally write, publish, market, and share your story with the world! 


(And without having to pay all those pesky marketing costs yourself!) 

Here’s what experts are saying about ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day.’

What my clients are saying about ‘Write to Inspire’

"I was concerned that telling my story and bringing up those dark places in my head might be a problem... But in actual fact, it's helped me heal quicker...You made it easy [to write my story]. I had all this mumble jumble going on in my head - it was all over the place - but when you sent it back [edited], my own life made more sense to me!" ​
Jason Rantall ('The Bipolar Warrior')
"The process was so well supported. Jas was incredible...her support was always there. Nothing was too much trouble, and that made so much difference - because I wasn't doing it alone."
Angela McFarlane

So…What’s involved?

TO help you go from an ‘aspiring writer’ to a published author of a 3000 word memoir, you’ll receive:

    • 1x 60 minute strategy call - Working 1 on 1, we will go deep into the background of your life story & begin working on a plan for which parts of your journey to focus on.

    • 1x Chapter Template - With the help of my personalised chapter template & questionnaire, you'll have everything you need to begin writing the first draft of your story!  

    • 3x rounds of editing (10 hours) - Once I've received your draft, it's time for me to wave my expert editing wand & make sure your words & message are as captivating, engaging, and powerful as possible! During this time, we'll go back & forth until both of us are entirely happy with the piece. 

    • 1x 30 minute SOS call - If writers' block hits, don't stress! I'm only a phone call away & here to help you get back on track 

    • 1x 30 minute debrief call - Writing your story is a huge deal...not just mentally, but also emotionally. This call is designed to help you debrief & chat through any thoughts that have come up during the writing process.

Benefits of signing up for ‘Write to Inspire


Check out some of the media exposure my clients & I have had below. (This could be you!)

Miss Natalie Brisbane Singer & LGBT advocate
"To be able to hear my story written so beautifully in a way I don't feel I could express all on my own was really amazing.

It made me feel as though the traumas I had experienced in my life have actually made me stronger and shown me the value in sharing my story.

I have been able to sing at more events, and Jas' work helped me get more exposure to people I wouldn't have reached otherwise."
Miss Natalie Brisbane Singer & LGBT advocate
Natalie Wyld/Miss Natalie: Brisbane Artist/Musician

Just imagine…

    • FINALLY seeing your story written and published in a beautiful paperback book

    • WORKING one-on-one with a bestselling author who can help you tell your story in a powerful way

    • NOT being overwhelmed by trying to figure out everything yourself! (AMEN to that!)

    • HAVING someone else do all the marketing for you (I've even landed media features in news.com.au, Body & Soul, & NZ Herald for some of my clients!)

    • SEEING your story inspire thousands (& gain invaluable exposure to your brand/business through the process)

Pricing & Coaching Package Inclusions


$699 – 1997 AUD (scroll down)

Premium ‘1 Hour High Converting Brand Story’ experience

$1997 AUD

(or 3x payments of $680)

Get your story out of your head and onto paper — without taking time away from your business. Tax deductible & perfect for entrepreneurs, artists, or everyday community advocates looking to elevate their brand/message

    • BONUS option for full ghostwriting. Perfect for those wanting to save time & energy. 

    • Full copyright of your chapter: This gives you exclusive permission to share your final chapter in media releases, online content, social media, media pitches & more. ** 

    • 1x 60 minute 'deep dive' call - designed to help me understand your life journey, message and brand, so I can help you create the most empowering version of your story as possible...(1 hour of your time is all I need, and the rest is up to me!)

    • Your story published through my award-winning publisher - No self-publishing disasters around here! I only publish through the best!

    • 1x 500 word media release: Want to get your message out to more people? Using my media/journalism knowledge, I'll craft a media release for you to promote your brand/message (AND I'll also pitch it to my media contacts) 

      • Unlimited email support - I'm only an email away, and we are in this together 🙂
    • A 150-200 word biography - for use in your online/print marketing (optional bonus)

    • 1x FB or podcast interview - designed to get your message out to a larger audience

    • Social media spotlight feature - prior to your story coming out, I'll write up a 250 word social media feature on yourself & your story to build hype & excitement for your upcoming story release

    • Event/networking commissions - want to sell copies of your story at events, or to networking contacts? No worries! As one of my Premium clients, you have access to my wholesale rates...which means, you can purchase discounted copies to resell at your events at a PROFIT. This gives you more autonomy over your story, while also making money from sales.

GOLD ‘Everyday Writer’ experience: $1599

(or 3x payments of $550)

Perfect for those who have started a business and are looking to gain additional exposure (motivational speakers, life coaches, musicians/artists).

Along with your personalised chapter template & 10 hours of editing/coaching, you’ll receive:

    • All the same bonuses as the Premium package, but minus the ghostwriting & event commissions

OPTIONAL: Don’t have time to sit down and write? Not so great with oxford commas and grammar? 

No problems...add on my ghostwriting bonus option for just $399 extra and I’ll do all the writing for you! 

** some T&Cs apply

SILVER ‘Everyday Writer’ experience: $699

(or 3x payments of $245)

Perfect for anyone with a story of resilience to share that others can relate to and draw inspiration from. Fulfill your creative and personal passions through the writing of your story, and immortalise it forever in a gorgeous paperback book. 

Along with your personalised chapter template & 6 hours of editing/coaching, you’ll receive:

    • 1x 45 minute 'deep dive' call - designed to help me understand your life journey so I can help you create the most empowering version of your story as possible

    • Your story published through my award-winning publisher - No self-publishing disasters around here! I only publish through the best!

      • Social media spotlight feature - prior to your story coming out, I'll write up a 250 word social media feature on yourself & your story to build hype & excitement for your upcoming story release

      • Unlimited email support - I'm only an email away, and we are in this together

** SUPER IMPORTANT**  Please note, this opportunity is not for everyone…

    • If telling your story or recounting your past trauma is still too triggering at this point in your journey...

    • If you have the time/money/expertise to write, publish & market a full-length memoir by yourself...

    • If you are not prepared to invest the time, finances, or emotional energy to work with a professional editor & writing coach...

Then this may not be the right fit for you.


This course and process is a significant investment of time, energy, and passion from both myself and my #EverydayWriters. 



For that reason, I choose to work EXCLUSIVELY with those who are MOTIVATED, INSPIRED, AND 100% committed to getting their story out into the world.  


AND I’m only opening 10 spaces for Volume 3 of ‘Reasons to Live.’


So, if you’re 100% committed to making the leap from an aspiring writer to a published author…I want to help you achieve your writing dreams!