“Your book is going to help – and has helped – so many people. It will continue to augment destinies forever, and that’s a beautiful thing… You should be proud of that. 

Lastly, I want to say, I’m thankful for you Jas… across that ocean you are doing immeasurable work… And I really hope people will help you to help more people.”



Global Suicide Prevention Speaker & Award winning documentary filmmaker

 “Jas, you have done a beautiful job in adding colour to Fai’s story while maintaining integrity in keeping to the facts of her experiences. 

Your words paint a very clear picture of the struggles the majority of our girls face before we meet them, and I LOVED Fai’s message of hope to others at the end.” 


Destiny Rescue International Aftercare Director


“Thanks Jas. A wonderful story, and well written.”

Destiny Rescue CEO




“I would definitely think of Jas Rawlinson straight away if I was ever going to hire someone to help write my autobiography.

She was fantastic when she interviewed me for Issue 2 of Provoke Magazine. I was nervous because it was my first feature but Jas made me feel at ease and wrote up an amazing story that was true to my character and what we discussed in person. I highly recommend her for journalism and editorial work.” 



Paraplegic Circus Aerial Performer 


“Jas spoke from the heart at the Lifeline Brisbane Bookfest, bravely sharing her personal story and how she arrived at the decision to write ‘Reasons To Live.’

Constantly speaking about these hard topics can be difficult but Jas does it with grace, compassion and understanding, allowing people to think and speak about their own struggles and discover how they can access help.”


Marketing & Events Coordinator: Uniting Care QLD 

“‘Reasons to Live’ is a remarkable book. 

I was especially moved by your own story which shows that untreated mental ill health in men is a major driver behind so much suffering for others, but also for the men themselves who are dealing with an internal struggle and have few options for escape.


The power of stories to shine a light on suffering and redemption is well known, but it takes great courage and determination to capture and release them into the world in a way that builds the momentum for understanding and change.”



Professor of Youth Mental Health (University of Melbourne), Executive Director of Orygen, & Founding Director of Headspace


“WOW, I have had a lot of articles written about me in the last couple of years and I must say yours is my favourite one! 

Seriously – it flows so well and you’ve chosen to highlight points no one else does; it goes so much deeper than the general mainstream media article. Thank you!”



Australian Sikh spoken word artist, educator, performer & human rights reformer


“I commend this book to you, along with Jas’ message of hope.


I had the privilege of meeting Jas Rawlinson and Dan Price during one of their book launches in 2017. One thing that stood out for me about both Jas and Dan was their passion for sharing their stories of both pain, yet also hope. Jas in particular delves deep into some personal pain and stories that are not easily shared without some courage and self reflection; both of which are demonstrated throughout the chapters of her book.



We live in a world where there can be so much pressure to ‘be strong’ and ‘tough things out’; it can be lonely at times, yet it is so important for us to connect with others. By leading the way on this, Jas and all of the various co-authors of the book highlight how important it is to share this message in our modern society and to connect with others. 



Regional Manager: Lifeline Hunter Valley

Jocelyn Middleton RFDS


The message of hope and survival that Jas shares is one that needs to be spread far and wide.”

Jas reached out to the RFDS in 2018 to support an event she was hosting in Cairns. She proved to be genuine, compassionate, and knowledgeable about what it’s like to live with trauma, DV, abuse and depression. 

It is through shared stories that we can develop a new language to support those who are subjected to these types of harming experiences. It is these key elements (hope and survival) that will assist others on their journey. Jas’ mental health knowledge has grown significantly in the year that I have known her, and she shares that knowledge in a relatable and empathic manner.



Clinical Team Leader: Royal Flying Doctor Service QLD


“A lot of ghostwriters will help someone with their manuscript and then send them on their way, but Jas isn’t like that.

She brings her co-authors into her events and gives them a platform. When it comes to telling people’s stories with heart and soul, Jas is your girl. She doesn’t have to do this work – she chooses to.”



Managing Director of Ocean Reeve Publishing & Book Publishing Queensland/CEO – eMAGINE Academy

Cindy Heddle


“Jas Rawlinson, your lived experience talk was so inspirational…

Your story had such a positive effect on everyone there, thank you so much!”



Suicide Prevention Advocate/Member – Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network

Lived Experience Representative & Suicide Prevention Research Committee Member – QLD Health Gold Coast

glen hulley project karma


Thanks to Jas Rawlinson’s article, we received around $7000 in donations, with many more offers of assistance from readers.

Jas wrote a comprehensive article on the mission of Project Karma in South East Asia. Her interview and subsequent consultation through the editorial process was professional and subject sensitive. 



As a result of her article being published by Newscorp, Project Karma received much exposure, resulting in the article trending on news.com.au as the lead story for around 10 hours. 



Founding Director: Project Karma


“Jas is a highly skilled writer, social media and online content manager. 

I highly endorse her as a professional who is a delight to work with.”



Fundraising & Network Development: Women’s Legal Service QLD