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“Jas wrote a comprehensive article on the mission of Project Karma in South East Asia. Her interview and subsequent consultation through the editorial process was professional and subject sensitive. 


As a result of her article being published by Newscorp, Project Karma received much exposure resulting in the article trending on as the lead story for around 10 hours. This bought in many donations totaling around $7000 and many offers of assistance from readers.”


Glen Hulley – Founding Director: Project Karma

“Jas is a highly skilled writer, social media and online content manager. She is highly creative and has a social conscience. 

I highly endorse her as a professional who is a delight to work with.”


Natalie Davidson – Fundraising & Network Development: Women’s Legal Service QLD


“I had the privilege to meet both Jas Rawlinson and Dan Price during their launch of Reasons to Live, one more day every day, at the coastal town of Port Stephens in February 2018. 

One thing that stood out for me about both Jas and Dan was their passion for sharing their stories of both pain, yet also hope. Jas in particular delves deep into some personal pain and stories that are not easily shared without some courage and self reflection; both of which are demonstrated throughout the chapters of her book.


We live in a world where there can be so much pressure to ‘be strong’ and ‘tough things out’; it can be lonely at times, yet it is so important for us to connect with others. By leading the way on this, Jas and all of the various co-authors of the book highlight how important it is to share this message in our modern society and to connect with others.

I commend this book to you, along with Jas’ message of hope.”


Robert Sams – Regional Manager: Lifeline Hunter Valley


Jas wrote this book to let people contemplating suicide know that others have been there and survived

Posted by Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun on Thursday, May 10, 2018

As a child, Jas Rawlinson's father would emotionally abuse her every day and tell her how worthless she was.Due to his...

Posted by Matt Collins on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

ABC Midnorth Coast interview with Jas Rawlinson - The book tha...

At the same time that I was doing this interview, there were at least 3 local families grieving the loss of loved ones to suicide. In the space of a week, I heard of a man from my mother's church being found dead in a public area in coffs harbour, and another person who had lost 2 friends to suicide in the past fortnight. As I say in this interview, we need to bring the topic of suicide out of the shadows. People need hope, and they need it now!PS. If you missed my book launch in Coffs, you can grab a copy of the book here (on sale all through Dec!)

Posted by Thoughts From Jas on Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jas Rawlinson Reasons to live author

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