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“Jas Rawlinson, your lived experience talk was so inspirational  and had a positive effect on everyone there, thank you so much!”
– Cindy Heddle, Gold Coast Counselor and Mindfulness Practitioner/Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network Member

Are you looking for a lived-experience speaker for your mental health or domestic violence event? … Jas can help!

From speaking on national shows such as ABC Radio, to appearing on Channel 9 News, countless podcasts, and running events from Cairns to Sydney, Jas has been invited to speak on a range of insightful & engaging topics over the years, including domestic violence, human trafficking, and mental health.

She was also a guest speaker at Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network’s 2018 World Suicide Prevention Day’ event, speaking alongside QLD’s Mental Health Commissioner, Headspace, & Mates in Construction. 


"We need to teach people that they can be vulnerable."

"We need to teach people that they can be vulnerable. We weren’t created to just live alone in a bubble; to go to work, come home, put on a smile and post a happy photo on instagram and pretend our lives are perfect.“If you are struggling, please don’t suffer alone. Please don’t go into this bubble where your friends don’t know that they need to be there for you. There’s no shame, we’re all human, we all go through shit, and we all need help sometimes.”A short clip from my speech at Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network's World Suicide Prevention Day event on Sep 11th. Full speech here:

Posted by Reasons To Live One More Day, Every Day on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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