Mental Health & Resilience Speaker – Jas Rawlinson

Engaging, heartfelt, and authentic…

Jas Rawlinson is a highly respected Australian mental health, empowerment, and resilience speaker who specialises in storytelling that inspires, challenges, and changes lives.


Often sought out for her natural ability to break down taboo-laden topics, Jas has spoken everywhere from global summits and international conferences, to small Aboriginal communities, and major media outlets like ABC, 9 News, and Ticker TV.

“Jas is an amazing & gifted human being…

Jas, you’re doing amazing work. It’s powerful, it’s motivating, it’s moving. Thank you so much for being here with us at the Hope Rising 2020 summit. We greatly appreciate your time and wish you all the best in the world.”

KEVIN HINES – Global suicide prevention speaker, award-winning documentary filmmaker & author 


Whether she’s educating on social issues such as domestic violence and human trafficking, facilitating writing and publishing masterclasses, or empowering audiences on goal-setting and self care, Jas will empower your audience to take action.

“Domestic violence is not always physical.”

[VIDEO] Australian resilience speaker Jas Rawlinson speaks with Sam Webb, co-founder of Australian charity & mental health movement Livin about her story of finding hope, healing, and purpose after abuse.

Big names who’ve booked Jas to speak include:

Kevin Hines, Livin, Australian & NZ International Mental Health Conference, Royal Flying Doctors QLD, Destiny Rescue, Australian Summit against Sexual Exploitation, Uniting Care QLD (Lifeline Bookfest), C3 Casey, & All Saints Anglican Nelson Bay. 

“All 25 people in the room listened so intently to Jas, you could have heard a pin drop.

The day of her talk happened to be the morning after the murder-suicide of Hannah Clarke and her 3 children; serendipitous! If you want to hear stories first hand about [thriving after] domestic violence then Jas is your speaker.”


DOUG HARGREAVES (AM) Carindale Rotary member 


Topics Jas can speak on:

  • 'Write, Inspire, Transform, Heal: Domestic Violence Storytelling Workshops'

    As a best-selling author and survivor of domestic violence, Jas will deliver a powerful half-day writing workshop to your consumers. This workshop is designed to inspire participants on their healing journey, whilst empowering them with the tools needed to begin writing their own story of hopelessness to hope

  • 'Why being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur is a Superpower, Not a Flaw'

    Ever been told "You're just too sensitive?" Like many, I spent much of my life believing that being a highly sensitive person (a scientifically recognised personality trait) was a flaw. However, as a writing coach & speaker, I've since discovered it's more of a superpower. In this talk, I share how this personality trait has helped me succeed as a business owner, and 5x key tips to help people thrive despite struggling with overt sensitivity.

  • 'Unstoppable: Why your pain is a stepping stone to purpose'

    As a survivor of sexual assault and a writing coach who has worked with dozens of suicide survivors globally, Jas can speak authentically and powerfully about how to move from victim to thriver, as well as the keys to transforming pain into purpose.

  • 'Finding hope after domestic violence'

    Described as captivating, educational, and conversational, Jas will inspire your audience with her ability to combine the power of storytelling with domestic violence education. She also specialises in education around lesser-understood forms of violence, such as gaslighting and financial abuse.

Jas Rawlinson is based in Brisbane & regularly visits the Mid North Coast of Coffs Harbour. 

Praise and Endorsements

“Jas spoke from the heart at the Lifeline Brisbane Bookfest, bravely sharing her personal story and how she arrived at the decision to write “Reasons to Live”.

Constantly speaking about these hard topics can be difficult but Jas does it with grace, compassion and understanding, allowing people to think and speak about their own struggles and discover how they can access help.”

ERIN PETERS – Uniting Care QLD – Marketing & Events Coordinator

“Jas reached out to the RFDS in 2018 to support an event she was hosting in Cairns. She proved to be genuine, compassionate, and knowledgeable about what it’s like to live with trauma, DV, abuse and depression. 

Jas’ mental health knowledge has grown significantly in the year that I have known her, and she shares that knowledge in a relatable and empathic manner.

JOCELYN MIDDLETON – Clinical Team Leader: Royal Flying Doctor Service QLD

Jocelyn Middleton RFDS

“You had our undivided attention. Everyone has since mentioned what a ‘Great’ Speaker you are, and how moved they were by the presentation.

Jas, your commitment to others in Domestic Violence, working toward awareness, and endeavoring to change this toxic environment is commendable and we congratulate you for the inroads you have made and education you continue with in the community.” 


SANDRA HARRIS – Carindale Rotary Member

“I recently came to one of your talks in Weipa, and was very much inspired. Your book should be given to grade 11 and 12s. Had I read your story back then I think I may have dealt with a few situations differently and walked away.”


“Finding happiness each day, overcoming trials and holding on to hope. Those are the themes of the impactful message that Jas brings. Whoever comes and listens, no matter what their story is or what their struggle, they will feel inspired and encouraged that they can keep going.  Jas is a great inspiration to this generation. “

KESH GOVAN – Pastor: All Saints Anglican Nelson Bay, NSW

“I went to the launch of Jas Rawlinson’s second book “Reasons To Live One More Day, Every Day in Melbourne, and found kindness, gentleness and warmth in that space.

“I don’t talk about my stuff (much), and I was feeling a bit fragile. But I am so glad I went along, and I was so happy to have met Jas in person. I would recommend these events to anyone.”

CATHY – Melbourne attendee, 2019

andrew albury mgd wealth

“Jas’ story of living through childhood family violence is one that is sobering and somewhat confronting, yet she shares it openly, and in a way that shows just how hard she has fought to evolve into the strong person she is now. Thanks Jas for a very honest and thought-provoking presentation. I can genuinely say that all our members enjoyed your presentation very much.”

ANDREW ALBURY – Programme Director at Brisbane High Rise Rotary & Director of MGD Wealth