reasons to live one more day every day
  • A little about the #1 Amazon Bestseller: ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day (V2)
  • Remarkable true stories of hope, resilience, and triumph over adversity...

Featuring raw and personal memoirs touching on everything from institutional sexual abuse, to the loneliness of growing up in Thailand orphanages, and learning to thrive after alcohol addiction, church-enabled domestic violence, postnatal psychosis, and more, every page tells a story of hope within darkness. 


Endorsed by members of Lifeline and Royal Flying Doctor Service, and featuring an exclusive interview with Kevin Hines (Golden Gate Suicide Survivor and award-winning documentary filmmaker), and a foreword from Professor Patrick McGorry (Founding Headspace Director), ‘Reasons to Live’ is not just a collection of stories…

… It is a book with the power to change and save lives. 


“Your book is going to help – and has helped – so many people. 

It will continue to augment destinies forever, and that’s a beautiful thing… You should be proud of that.” 

International Suicide Prevention Speaker & Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker

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Volume 2: Remarkable stories of hope, resilience, and triumph over adversity


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reasons to live one more day every day



(This bundle features Volume 2, as well as Volume 1: Stories of triumph from Australians who refused to give into darkness.)


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