"We live in a world where there can be so much pressure to 'be strong' and 'tough things out'; it can be lonely at times, yet it is so important for us to connect with others.

By leading the way on this, Jas and all of the various co-authors of the book highlight how important it is to share this message in our modern society and to connect with others.

I commend this book to you, along with Jas' message of hope."


Regional Manager: Lifeline Hunter Valley and Central Coast, NSW


‘Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day,’ includes stories of triumph from 10 everyday Australians, including L-Fresh The Lion (Globally renowned Hip Hop Artist), Lauren Watson (Paraplegic Aerial Performer), and Michael Crossland (world renowned Inspirational Speaker and bestselling author).

EVERY YEAR IN AUSTRALIA, over 2500 people take their lives.

With so many of our friends, family and colleagues succumbing to mental health disorders, how do we change the statistics? How do we give people hope where they feel there is none?

These were the stark questions that inspired Brisbane writing coach Jas Rawlinson to start her journey into the creation of ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day’; to seek out those who knew the dark and ugly face of depression, anxiety and trauma, and had found a way to overcome it…

“Your book is going to help - and has helped - so many people. It will continue to augment destinies forever, and that’s a beautiful thing... You should be proud of that."

…To share their stories in the hope of inspiring and encouraging everyday Australians to know that no matter how dark things appear, there is always a way out.

Featuring mental health resources, along with 10 lived-experience memoirs from a diverse range of Australian figures (both prominent and lesser known) who have battled everything from childhood cancer and PTSD, to debilitating disabilities, eating disorders, the death of a child, and more, every story is a reminder that suicide isn’t the solution — there is always new life to be found.

Endorsed by organisations such as Success for Soldiers and Lifeline, as well as key members of NSW Health,  Reasons To Live One More Day has been reviewed by people all across Australia and even the U.K!

This book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for hope, inspiration and honesty from those who have hit rock bottom, and found their way back out.

"Reasons to Live" the film...

From a depressed and suicidal teenager, to a future full of hope and purpose, this is the story of Brisbane author, mental health speaker and writing coach Jas Rawlinson…


“Inspirational! Something I passed onto my 15yr old and intend to pass onto friends or family as a means to start the conversation of ‘it’s ok to not be ok, and we’re here to support you!'
"To know that people out there know your pain, and can live through it... I don't think anything has shown me more clearly that I should keep on going. All these people have my eternal thanks."
WOW! This has been a fantastic read for me. I am humbled by the privilege to share these accounts of personal situations, and awed by outcomes of in the face of adversity.

"Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day is a book that is long overdue. There has been a view, strongly held for decades, that we shouldn’t speak of sensitive matters such as self-harm and suicide.

There is an idea that to do so only encourages the behaviour or - as was once said to me after speaking on the issue with young people - ‘putting thoughts into their heads’.

I responded that the thoughts were, often, already there and that I would prefer to talk about the subject in the hope that vulnerable individuals would get help, rather than ignore it and see them sink deeper into feelings of hopelessness and despair.

In a world of political and personal fracture, where hope can often seem in short supply, Reasons to Live offers just that, through the narratives of 10 people whose honest and raw accounts show that there is a way through, that help can be found, and love for life restored.

The book concludes with useful resources to help those struggling with mental health issues and family and friends who care for them. I am pleased to recommend Reasons to Live. This book could save lives."

Melinda tankard reist - Author, Speaker, Co-Founder Collective Shout: for a world free of sexploitation


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