Always dreamed of writing & publishing your own story, but don't know where to start? ...

Want to use your story to inspire others, but don't have time to write an entire book?



In 2017, inspired by my own journey to wellness after surviving a childhood of family violence, losing my dad to suicide, and then experiencing sexual assault along with a chronic pain disorder in my twenties, I decided to write and release my first book… ‘Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day’: Stories of triumph from everyday Australians who refused to give into darkness. 

The purpose? To show each and every person reading, that no matter where they are on their journey, it’s possible to find that glimmer of hope; even in the darkest of times… To find the courage and resilience, to push on even when life feels too much. 

It was an incredible journey, and throughout the process, I was honoured to coach 9 Australians (from international best-selling authors, to circus performers, musicians, and everyday inspiring community advocates) in the art of writing their stories of triumph over adversity.

reasons to live one more day every day book contributors

Since then, ‘Reasons to Live’ has touched the hearts of many people across the globe (from Scotland and Sussex, to Canada, California, Georgia & Australia!) and has been featured by countless podcasts & media outlets (including & Daily Telegraph)!

And even Kevin Hines (Filmmaker & Suicide Survivor) has a copy of the book!  



Due to countless requests, I’m now working on a 2nd volume… which means, you have the opportunity to work with me & have your story printed in ‘Reasons to Live: Volume 2!’ 

While I predominantly work with people who are looking for a writing coach to help them achieve their dreams of writing a full-length memoir, I understand that not everyone has the time or money to write a 200 page book… 

Which is why, I’m once again offering my 3 month mini-memoir writing course!


In our 10 hours of one-on-one work, I’ll be there every step of the way to help you craft your life journey into an empowering 3000 word short story – which will then be published both online & in Volume 2 of ‘Reasons to Live.’ 

During the course you’ll receive…

  • 1x 60 minute strategy call – Working 1 on 1, we will go deep into the background of your life story & begin working on a plan for which parts of your journey to focus on.

  • 1x Chapter Template – With the help of my personalised chapter template & questionnaire, you’ll have everything you need to begin writing the first draft of your story!  

  • 3x rounds of editing (up to 8 hours) – Once I’ve received your draft, it’s time for me to wave my expert editing wand & make sure your words & message are as captivating, engaging, and powerful as possible! During this time, we’ll go back & forth until both of us are entirely happy with the piece. 

  • 1x 20 minute SOS call – If writers’ block hits, don’t stress! I’m only a phone call away & here to help you get back on track 

  • 1x 20 minute debrief call – Whenever my clients finish writing their life stories, it’s important to me that we make the time to debrief about the chapter & chat about how they’re feeling – and you’re no exception! This phone call is an important & vital part of the writing process. 


  • Have always dreamed of writing & publishing your story, but writing an entire book is too much effort/too expensive…

  • Know your story could change lives, but you need a mentor to help you get it out of your head & onto paper in an inspiring/powerful way…

  • Have a dream to use your life experiences to help others who are struggling with mental health challenges or adversities…

  • Want to use your life journey to grow your business brand/message in an authentic way…


  • Telling your story, or recounting your trauma, is still too triggering at this point in your journey

  • You are a great writer who can easily write a full book, publish it, & handle all the marketing by yourself 

  • You are not prepared to invest the time, finances, or energy to work with a professional editor & writing coach to craft your story into an empowering short story 

This is a unique, limited time opportunity for an individual with a powerful life story, to see their memoir published & shared around the world… WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars on publishing costs, or struggling through another year of writer’s block. 
The first round of writing students have already completed their stories… which means, THERE ARE ONLY a few spots remaining!
Make 2019 your year to shine. Your voice matters, and it’s time others heard it!


Miss Natalie: Brisbane Singer & LGBT Advocate

“To be able to hear my story written so beautifully in a way I don’t feel I could express all on my own was really amazing. It made me feel as though the traumas I had experienced in my life have actually made me stronger and shown me the value in sharing my story.I have been able to sing at more LGBTQ events, and Jas’ work helped me get more exposure to people I wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

“The most fulfilling parts were hearing about how other people related to my story and the sense that they weren’t alone in the events in their lives was a great feeling.”

Dan Price: Global Suicide Prevention, Mental Health & Wellness Speaker

“I am very proud to be a part of such a positive, inspirational and powerful book, which is shining a light in the darkness; something our world desperately needs more of. Sharing my story for the book was a seamless process, largely due to Jas’ professionalism and devotion to the suicide prevention cause.”

Graeme Bint: Cairns Photographer & Former Aid-Worker, Paratrooper & Paramedic  

“I wrote in this book with no expectation. Perhaps more as a cathartic exercise for me to perhaps release my demons! It worked and now I hope it can help those whom read it free theirs.

Thank you Jas for the opportunity to tell my story. What you have produced with this book is a truly fantastic tool for people wishing to heal and those whom just wish to understand more. “


  • Who can apply? 

Anyone 18 years+ with an incredible story of triumph over adversity.

Whether you’re a community advocate, a CEO, an artist, a uni student, a hospitality worker, a stay at home parent, or just an awesome person doing your best to chase your passions, what matters most is your story, and the reason behind why you want to share it.

Do I need to be a celebrity, or have a huge profile? 

Nope! Reasons to Live is all about giving a platform to ANYONE who has struggled with adversity (or is still on their journey) and is working toward a future they can be proud of. Whether you have 50 followers, or 50K, I want to hear from you!

What are some of the benefits of publishing/writing my story?

Aside from the emotional benefits of seeing your story in a beautiful paperback book, and knowing it is changing the lives of many other around the world, there are of course other incredible benefits to sharing your story.

Many of the people whose work I wrote & published in ‘Reasons to Live’ (Vol 1) have reached a wider audience, and been offered exciting opportunities, as a direct result of their story being published in a high-quality book.

For example, even though Michael Crossland is well known across the globe, by ghostwriting his story and pitching that chapter to one of my news contacts, his story reached over 120K readers in one weekend!

Michael received hundreds of supportive messages (including from many who had not yet heard of him), and was featured on Channel 10’s ‘Studio 10’ the following week.

Likewise, Brisbane LGBT Singer/Advocate Miss Natalie, was also offered many performance opportunities as a direct result of my writing services (see her review below). 

When will my story be published? 

Applications are now open, and stories will be published during 2019 (eta).

How much does it cost? 

Because we are all at different stages in our journey, and each person has a unique reason for writing their story, I have created 3 affordable packages – targeted from everyday community members, to small business owners and those with a larger platforms.

Get in touch with me to discuss my packages. 

Why do I need to pay to share my story? 

As a writing coach, I provide a unique & professional service (just like any other service provider, be it a photographer, masseuse, or business coach). I have a BA degree & 10 years experience, & like any professional, I need to charge for my time. 

Many times during the year, I give my time for free (often through feature & news articles, podcast interviews, & pro-bono charity copywriting). However, my writing coaching services are very in-depth & time consuming… And as a result, I have to charge for my time. 

Reasons to live Vol. 2 is also far more than a collection of memoirs, & the lived-experience stories make up just one part of the book. 

The cost involved for each mentorship covers:

  • The time spent working 1 on 1 with each individual (phone calls, chapter templates, editing, ghostwriting, revisions). I spend a minimum of 10 hours with each person, but quite often, we exceed this. 
  • Publishing & printing costs. Most traditional publishers can take up to 18 months to put a book on shelves. This is why I self publish, as I want to reach people with this message of hope NOW. Every day delayed, is another day too late for someone struggling with mental illness. 
  • Marketing & PR costs. All the money I have raised so far from mentorships, has been reinvested into helping ‘Reasons to Live’ reach as many people as possible

I also give a portion of these funds back to mental health grassroot organisations who I strongly believe in, and whose work deserves more recognition. 


Who have you worked with in the past & what are you passionate about?  

I’ve been pretty lucky to work with some amazing and inspiring individuals, including best-selling author/international speaker Michael Crossland, globally renowned artist L-FRESH The LION, paraplegic circus performer Lauren Watson, and many others!

Over the past 8 years I’ve supported a variety of NFPs and charities through my writing and advocacy, including Women’s Legal Service, Working Women QLD, Project Karma, Cerebral Palsy League, Pink Cross Foundation, and Destiny Rescue (who I also sponsor a rescue home through).

I have a BA in creative writing and psychology, and am especially passionate about supporting grassroots organisations and charities tackling domestic violence, mental health, and human trafficking. You can read more about my life journey on my home page.




Reasons To Live One More Day Every Day, by Jas Rawlinson