Hi, I’m Jas Rawlinson.

You may know me for my work as a best-selling Australian author, mental health and resilience speaker, and memoir/ author coach who shines a light on taboo topics, and empowers trauma survivors to turn their past pain into powerful life stories. 

However, I wasn’t always a strong and outspoken person. In fact, as a child growing up with family violence, fear and depression were all I knew for a very long time.

But there was one thing I knew for sure.

One day I would find a way to help others so they didn’t have to suffer in silence.

woman and thai child

After moving to QLD in 2012 to pursue my creative passions further, I soon discovered my heart for issues like human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse.

I realised I wasn’t interested in ‘fluff’ pieces about diets and fashion.

Really, I just wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

And so, slowly and consistently, I took every opportunity that came my way.

And through the process, I found my voice…
memorial opening

Since then, I’ve worked as a magazine editor, freelance journalist, online content wordsmith and ghostwriter, and have been featured across outlets such as ABC News, news.com.au, 9 News, House of Wellness, and Non Fiction Authors Association.

I’m proud to be an anti-human trafficking ambassador for Destiny Rescue, and am passionate about raising my voice against the exploitation of children.

I’ve spent time in Thailand with undercover rescue agents, and survivors of human trafficking.

And in 2016 received national media coverage for co-founding Brisbane’s first permanent Domestic Violence Memorial (which was opened by Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk). 

According to one of my followers, the memorial even made the front page of a paper in Italy!

Today I’m a strong advocate for hope and healing.

And am also the author of the suicide prevention series ‘Reasons To Live One More Day, Every Day.’ 

My life work is about giving a voice to anyone who has ever felt voiceless. And truly, what better gift could I give to the world than this? Thanks for being a part of my journey!

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