Jas Rawlinson Author & Ghostwriter

Are you an entrepreneur, speaker or community advocate looking for a unique way to market your personal story as part of your brand?

IF SO, my memoir-writing course could be perfect for you! 

As a writing coach who has worked with survivors of domestic violence, addiction, child abuse, & many other forms of trauma, I have seen first-hand the healing power that comes from people writing & sharing their stories… 

Stories of darkness that give way to triumphant light. Life journeys of unspeakable trauma, that transform into empowering narratives of hope and healing… 

And more so, the incredible opportunities that we have to transform lives & elevate our businesses, through the sharing of our personal stories. 

Think about it this way…if you were looking for a professional to assist you with overcoming a particular obstacle, & you could choose between someone with a lived-experience of that obstacle, & someone with qualifications but no personal understanding…who would you choose? 

It’s a no-brainer, right? As humans we are drawn to people with common experiences & life journeys… 

And this is why I believe memoir-writing (whether it be a full length book, or a short story feature on your life) should be part of every entrepreneur or business owner’s toolkit! 



(As shared by some of my clients)

“I loved the emotional support that you provided; you really encouraged me to look after myself while writing. As I read the final draft, I started with tears in my eyes… then came smiles for how you have so eloquently HEARD me. Much love to you warrior woman.”

President/Co-Founder of ‘Mesh Injured Australia’ 

“A year ago I emerged from a decade long abusive relationship, with my self esteem in tatters at my feet. With the help of my psychotherapist, and through Jas Rawlinson’s fabulous “Reasons to Live” writing program, I have begun to grow a brand new self esteem. 

“You have been a great Blessing in my life Jas. This whole process with you is kick starting my movement back out into the world. I’m hoping, in the next decade, that I get to finish my book about chronic pain, and teach the work that I do before it’s too late! You have been an extraordinary catalyst in my life.”

Physiotherapist (NSW)


Whether you’re interested in a 1 on 1, or you’d like to host a writing workshop for your organisation, I can help!