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Jas Rawlinson, Brisbane Author

For all things word-related, Jas is your go-to girl!

With a background in magazine editing, digital marketing, copywriting, blogging & freelance journalism, Jas is not your average ‘writer’. 

Check out her services below (feature articles, ghostwriting, memoir writing, editing) & get in touch to start your journey!


Glen Hulley Review Jas Rawlinson

If you’ve got an amazing story, charity, or brand that people need to hear about, why not get creative with a feature article for your website & media contacts?

Jas is an expert in writing captivating, thorough & well-researched news articles that get massive results! 

Some of Jas’ results: 

  • Achieving over $7K in public donations for an anti-child exploitation charity named ‘Project Karma’ (through a #1 trending Newscorp article)
  • Having several articles featured in the #1 position on news.com.au, with many achieving over 100K views in their first few hours

Get in touch to find out if your story is a fit for one of Jas Rawlinson’s feature articles! 

What people are saying about Jas Rawlinson’s feature articles… 

sukhjit khalsa - sikh australian spoken word artist

 “WOW, I have had a lot of articles written about me in the last couple of years & I must say yours is my favourite one! Seriously – it flows so well & you’ve chosen to highlight points no one else does; it goes so much deeper than the general mainstream media article. Thank you!”
Sukhjit Khalsa, Australian Sikh spoken word artist, educator, performer & human rights reformer

Lauren Watson circus performer

“Jas Rawlinson was fantastic when she interviewed me for Issue 2 of Provoke  Magazine. I was nervous because it was my first feature but she made me feel at ease & wrote up an amazing story that was true to my character & what we discussed in person. I highly recommend her for journalism & editorial work. I would definitely think of her straight away if I was ever going to hire someone to help write my full autobiography”
Lauren Watson, Paraplegic Circus Aerial Performer 



‘What the heck is a ghostwriter’, you might be asking? 

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too spooky!

Essentially, a ghostwriter is someone with a talent for putting another person’s thoughts & ideas into writing.

A ghostwriter:

  • Works invisibly in the background
  • Saves you/your business time by doing all the writing & crediting the work to you
  • Delivers a range of services, from business blogs & speech notes, to memoirs & eBooks

The biggest benefit to hiring a GW…to save you time & produce high quality & results driven copy! 

Ghostwriting services Jas can provide: 

  • Autobiographies/Memoirs
  • “About Me” website content
  • Speeches/Award Applications

(Fun fact: In 1 year, Jas wrote 8x winning/finalist award applications for a small Brisbane digital marketing company!) 

Ready to work together? Shoot through an email here!

Ocean Reeve Publisher

“A lot of ghostwriters will help someone with their manuscript & then send them on their way, but Jas isn’t like that.  She brings her co-authors into her events & gives them a platform. When it comes to telling people’s stories with heart & soul, Jas is your girl. She doesn’t have to do this work – she chooses to.”
Ocean Reeve, Managing Director of Ocean Reeve Publishing & Book Publishing Queensland/CEO – eMAGINE Academy

Memoir Writing & Author Mentorships 


“I know I have a story worth sharing… but I’ve got no idea where to start!” 

How many times have you heard yourself saying these same words?

You start off full of enthusiasm & ready to slay your procrastination demons, but before you know it, ‘life’ happens.

There are bills to pay, website glitches to fix, school pick ups/drop offs, food to clean off the walls from your kids & their never-ending sticky hands… At the end of the day all you want to do is veg out.

…And so your dreams of publishing your life story get neglected & before you know it, another year has passed… 

Just imagine…

  • Having someone to hold your hand through the writing process & keep you accountable to your goals
  • Working with a professional to make sure your story is finally written & published
  • Having ‘SOS’ options for when writers’ block hits

How different would life look if you had someone on your side… someone who actually wants to see you achieve your goals? 

The good news is, JAS CAN HELP! 


With a Bachelor’s degree, 8 years experience in the industry & a  published bookJas is an expert in the art of bringing powerful stories to life & helping them see the light of day. 

(Clients worked with include best-selling authors, charities & globally renowned artists – including Michael Crossland, L-FRESH The Lion, Project Karma, Destiny Rescue & Bikers against Child Abuse, to name just a few – as well as local heroes & everyday community advocates). 

Are you ready to work with Jas & finally achieve your goals?

YES! Let’s talk more!

Nat testimonial


Confused about the best way to highlight your business achievements & explain why your brand rocks? 

jas rawlinson brisbane author

Wondering how to write engaging copy that really sells your message or product, without being clinical, cringy, or try-hard?

If you need any of the following, Jas can help! 

  • Proofing & basic editing
  • Brand copywriting
  • Heavy content editing

As a published author & freelance journalist with a BA Creative Writing degree & 8 years experience, you’re in the best of hands!

View Jas Rawlinson’s portfolio for brand copywriting here

Companies/organisations Jas has written for include: Destiny Rescue,  Working Women QLD, Cerebral Palsy League, General Practice Training QLD & Easterfest Toowoomba.

Ready to work together? Shoot through an email here! 

Jas Rawlinson Women's Legal Service Testimonial

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