Jas Rawlinson Author & Ghostwriter

With a background in magazine editing, digital marketing, copywriting, blogging & freelance journalism, Jas is not your average ‘writer’. 

Check out her services below (feature articles, ghostwriting, memoir writing, editing) & get in touch to start your journey!


Jas Rawlinson Reasons to Live

Are you a highly-driven business woman, entrepreneur, or aspiring author with an inspiring life story?

Do you find yourself meeting new people & constantly being asked: ‘OMG, your story is so inspiring! When are you going to write a book?’

Have you lived a colourful, interesting life & feel passionate about using your backstory to inspire others, connect with ideal clients & establish yourself as a thought-leader in your field?

If the answer is YES, then I’d love to hear from you!

Having worked with an array of kick-ass entrepeneurial women, charity founders, and globally renowned speakers from around the world, I can help you smash your procrastination issues…get focused…and finally turn your idea into a completed manuscript.

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Write, inspire, transform, heal...

“These are workshops designed to inspire participants on their healing journey, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and motivation required to begin writing their own story of hopelessness to hope.” – Jas Rawlinson.

As a survivor of domestic and family violence, I know how powerful it is to finally find your voice…to know that your story matters, and that you can use it to help others on their journey. 

In fact, this is one of the key reasons why I decided to combine my lived experience with my professional skills as a writing coach…to give back to other survivors and help them re-write their life journeys through the power of storytelling. 

If you are a domestic violence service/provider looking for ideas on inspiring, educational, and empowering survivor workshops, I would love to chat to you more about my domestic violence storytelling sessions.

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Jas Rawlinson Author & Ghostwriter

‘What the heck is a ghostwriter’, you might be asking? 

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too spooky!

Essentially, a ghostwriter is someone with a talent for putting another person’s thoughts & ideas into writing. Whether it’s a speech, your website’s ‘about me’ section, or your memoir, Jas has got you covered! 

(Fun fact: In 1 year, Jas wrote 8x winning/finalist award applications for a small Brisbane digital marketing company!)

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writers block


…The best way to highlight your business achievements & explain why your brand rocks?

...How to write engaging copy that really sells your message or product,  without being clinical, cringy, or try-hard?

As a published author & freelance journalist with a BA Creative Writing degree & almost 10 years’ experience, Jas Rawlinson can accommodate any of your content needs! 

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Got an amazing story, charity, or brand that people need to hear about? Why not get creative with a feature article for your website & media contacts!

Jas is an expert in writing captivating, thorough & well-researched news articles that get massive results! 

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glen hulley project karma

Thanks to Jas Rawlinson’s article, we received around $7000 in donations, with many more offers of assistance from readers.”

Founding Director: Project Karma