Group or Private Author Coaching


Dreaming of sharing your story with the world but don’t know where to start?

Wondering what the secret is to writing a book that changes lives, attracts dream media and clients, and makes money at the same time? 

(Because let’s be real, inspiring people is great but a girl’s still gotta eat!)

If the answer is YES, you’re in the right place!

“You made it easy to write my story. I had all this ‘mumble jumble’ in my head, but when you sent it back edited, my own life made more sense!”

Mental health speaker & trainer | Marathon runner | Founder of ‘Bettermentall’

In the past 3 years alone, Jas has helped dozens of entrepreneurs, charity owners, coaches and everyday writers across the globe to go from an idea to a published author…(with many securing incredible media features in places like Newscorp, NZ Herald, and Body & Soul). 

So if you’ve got a burning passion deep within you to write a memoir that changes lives, inspires thousands, and helps other people to heal their own traumas…

And you’re ready to take action so you can smash through procrastination and overwhelm…get focused…and finally turn your idea into a completed manuscript…

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Domestic Violence Storytelling Workshops

As a survivor of domestic and family violence…

Jas knows how powerful it is to finally find your voice, and to have the opportunity to transform stories of pain into purpose, hope, and empowerment. 

Due to demand, Jas Rawlinson now offers tailored storytelling workshops for domestic violence survivors who have a burning desire to write and share their stories. 

If you are a domestic violence service/provider looking for ideas on inspiring, educational, and empowering survivor workshops, look no further! 


Ghostwriting & Editing

Wondering how to get your dream out into the world faster…

…without taking time away from your business? 

Wish you could wave a magic wand and just #GetItDone ?

If you’re serious about getting your ideas out of your head and into a published book, but you: struggle with writing…can’t afford to take years out of your life to plan, write, publish and market your book…and don’t know where to start, let alone how to finish your manuscript…

Then click below to speak with Jas about her ghostwriting and marketing packages. 

Brand Storytelling

Keen to learn the secrets of transforming storytelling into StorySelling?

Are you a charity, heart-centred entrepreneur or socially conscious business owner with an incredible story of turning adversity into success? 

Wondering how to use your personal story to change lives, grow your business, and attract dream clients/media opportunities? 

As a best-selling author, storyteller, and writing coach who has worked with globally renowned influencers (including Kevin Hines and Michael Crossland) and organisations like Destiny Rescue and Project Karma, Jas is an expert in turning storytelling into StorySelling.  

So if you’re ready to…

Create a brand story that attracts dream media attention and clients…and transform your story into a StorySelling machine that makes people fall in love with your business and mission…

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