About Jasmine (1)

Reasons To Live One More Day Every Day, by Jas Rawlinson

Copy of Copy of About JasmineRaw, powerful, and at times heart wrenching, ‘Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day,’ includes stories of triumph from 10 everyday Australians, including L-Fresh The Lion (Australian Hip Hop Artist), Lauren Watson (Paraplegic Aerial Performer), Sonia Anderson (Domestic Violence & Red Rose Advocate), and Michael Crossland (World Renowned Inspirational Speaker and Bestselling Author). 

Endorsed by organisations like Success for Soldiers, and Lifeline, Reasons To Live One More Day has been reviewed by people all across Australia, and even the U.K! It is also featured as one of 4 ‘Inspirational Books’ on the website: The PTSD Solutions Community. 

This book is a must read for anyone who is looking for hope, inspiration and honesty from those who have hit rock bottom, and found their way back out.


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