"I know I have a story that could change lives...

But I've got no idea where to start!"

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Have you been dreaming of writing a book for a long time, but keep putting it off because the whole thing just feels too daunting and overwhelming?
Or maybe you find that your head is just bursting with ideas, but when you sit down to write you end up just staring endlessly at a blank screen?
I’d say these would have to be some of *the most* common hurdles that people face when trying to write a book…
But the good news is this:

🔹Writing a book doesn’t actually have to be stressful or overwhelming…


🔹 It doesn’t have to take years away from your life, business, family and loved ones…


🔹It doesn’t have to cause you to tear your hair out in frustration…


🔹And you definitely don’t need to be a celebrity/have a huge email list to write a book that changes lives AND grows your business at the same time.
If you’re an aspiring writer who dreams of impacting the world with your story and writing a book that grows your business, changes lives, and attracts dream media…
Then I’d love to invite you to work with me to get your story out of your head and into your dream book!

Private & Group Author Coaching (Idea 2 Author)

Whether you’re completely new to the idea of writing, or you’ve already made a start, I can help!


From 12-Week Private Coaching sprints, to group coaching, and full ghostwriting/marketing packages, I’ve got something to suit your needs wherever you’re at.



This is the support and personalised advice that I wish I’d had at the start of my journey, back when I was trying to work out how to write a best-selling book that would inspire thousands, attract dream media, AND create an income at the same time.



My IDEA 2 AUTHOR coaching is perfect for you if:



  • 🔹 You’re passionate about creating something meaningful from your past struggles


  • 🔹 You want to learn how to structure your book and create a piece of art that serves you AND your target audience/readers


  • 🔹 You’re unsure where to start with publishing/marketing and want to make sure you do it right the first time (and not end up being a self-publishing disaster)


  • 🔹 You’re looking for someone to keep you accountable to your goals 


  • 🔹 You keep putting off starting even though you want to


  • 🔹 You’re sick of feeling overwhelmed/procrastinating and want practical, effective and simple strategies that really work


Keen to know more?

Results & Benefits

  • Finally writing & publishing your manuscript!
  • Having a professional by your side to help you when writer's block hits
  • Not having to figure out everything by yourself!
  • Working with someone who cares & wants to keep you accountable
  • Knowing that I’ve walked this road before & can guide you through the process (and at a much faster pace!)
  • Access to strategies and information that I’ve learned from investing over $10K into high-level marketing, Facebook, and PR courses

What it's like working with Jas Rawlinson...

“You made it easy to write my story. I had all this mumble jumble going on in my head – it was all over the place – but when you sent it back edited, my own life made more sense to me!” 

Mental Health speaker, Founder of Bettermentall & Athlete 


“I signed up with Jas after about 10 minutes of talking and have been doing a mentorship with her for 14 months now. 


It’s been an amazing experience – and I have Jas to thank that I’m almost up to the editing stage of my book. 


Jas has become a good friend as well as being a mentor, and she’s supported me mentally as well as giving me the skills to write a book. I can’t thank Jas enough!”



Adventure Travel Guide & Creative Performer


I loved the emotional support that you provided; you really encouraged me to look after myself while writing.


It made my heart sink when I thought of how much you must take on in order to delve into people’s lives and the hardship they’ve endured, and help them ghostwrite and edit their stories…it’s a beautiful thing. 


As I read the final draft, I started with tears in my eyes… then came smiles for how you have so eloquently HEARD me. Much love to you warrior woman.”



President/Co-Founder of ‘Mesh Injured Australia’

“The process was so well supported. Jas was incredible…her support was always there. Nothing was too much trouble, and that made so much difference – because I wasn’t doing it alone.”


prema, child abuse survivor (Reasons to Live)
Image: Dave Fox Photography

“A year ago I emerged from a verbally abusive and decade-long relationship with my self esteem in tatters.  


With the help of my psychotherapist, and through your fabulous writing course, I have begun to grow a brand new sense of self esteem. 


You have been a great Blessing in my life Jas. This whole process with you is kick starting my movement back out into the world. 


I’m hoping, in the next decade, that I get to finish my book about chronic pain, and teach the work that I do before it’s too late! You have been an extraordinary catalyst in my life.”



Wholistic Physiotherapist