"I know I have a story worth sharing...but I've got no idea where to start!"

writers block

How many times have you heard yourself saying these same words?


Believe me, I know how it feels. Life can get full on, am I right?!  


As a writer & best-selling author, I’ve seen too many people fall into this pit of procrastination…

BUT…the fact that you are reading this, means you’ve already decided you don’t want to continue following that path…


(which is super exciting! So congrats on making this first mindset shift!)


So if you’re ready to make this the year you write & publish your memoir, you’re in the right place!


Whether you’re completely new to the idea of writing, or you’ve already made a start, I can help!


I offer both 3 month and 12 month mentoring options (and on occasion, also offer monthly mentoring). 


Below, you’ll find all the info you need on each option. 

90 Day 'Procrastination to Action' bootcamp

Jas Rawlinson Author & Ghostwriter

Ready to knuckle down and start working on your book, but feel a little unsure about committing to a whole year? Then this is for you!

Over a period of 3 months, you will:

  • Address & move through limiting mindsets holding you back from getting started

  • Identify your target audience & develop a structure for your book
  • Help you go from an idea, to completing your first 5 chapters (if you're prepared to do the work!)
  • Give you the confidence to start working on your manuscript
  • Provide you with helpful resources, feedback & worksheets on writing, publishing, and editing.

Keen to know more?

12 Month 'Idea to Author' Mentorship

Super invested in getting your story & brand/vision out to the world?

Want to work with a pro who can keep you on track and help you go from an idea to a completed manuscript?

In 12 months, this mentorship will help you:

  • Move from 'dreaming about one day writing your story,’ to completing your manuscript (as long as you're prepared to stay focused & prioritise your writing!)
  • Get clear on the message & overarching theme of your memoir
  • Brainstorm/understand your target audience/reader
  • Provide you with personalised resources on: - Pitching your manuscript to publishers
    - Reaching out to influencers for testimonials
    - Tips for self-publishing
    - Pre-sale strategies & more!
Jas Rawlinson - Brisbane author


  • Finally writing & publishing your manuscript!
  • Having a professional by your side to help you when writer's block hits
  • Not having to figure out everything by yourself!
  • Working with someone who cares & wants to keep you accountable
  • Knowing that I’ve walked this road before & can guide you through the process (and at a much faster pace!)
  • Access to strategies and information that I’ve learned from investing over $7K into high-level marketing and PR courses

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“The process was so well supported. Jas was incredible…her support was always there. Nothing was too much trouble, and that made so much difference – because I wasn’t doing it alone.”



“Our calls are my favourite time of the week! This would take me 10 years if I was doing it on my own. Thanks for your help Jas, I feel so much clearer now. You rock!”

Tour Guide & Creative Performer


“As I read the final draft, I started with tears in my eyes… Then came smiles for how you have so eloquently HEARD me. Much love to you warrior woman.”

President/Co-Founder of ‘Mesh Injured Australia’

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