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"There Are Always Reasons To Live"

Featuring inspiring stories of hope and resilience after trauma, ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day’ is the bestselling, internationally-renowned series changing and saving lives. 

Through the power of lived-experience storytelling, each book follows the lives of 10 remarkable humans from around the world, who have found a way to rise above the darkness of mental illness, adversity, or suicide attempts. 

Including both high-profile and everyday people (such as world-renowned hip-hop artist L-FRESH The LION, and internationally renowned speaker Michael Crossland), ‘Reasons to Live’ has changed lives around the globe and been endorsed by influencers such as Kevin Hines, Patrick McGorry and Lifeline Hunter Valley. 

With raw, honest, and powerful stories of surviving and thriving after childhood cancer, PTSD, permanent disabilities, eating disorders, the death of a child, and more, every story is a reminder that no matter how dark things get, there are always reasons to live, one more day, every day.’ 

“Your book is going to help – and has helped – so many people. It will continue to augment destinies forever, and that’s a beautiful thing… You should be proud of that.” 

International Suicide Prevention Speaker & Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker


From a depressed and suicidal teenager, to a future full of hope and purpose, this is the story of Jas Rawlinson, Brisbane writing coach and author of ‘Reasons to Live.’


“Inspirational! Something I passed onto my 15yr old and intend to pass onto friends or family as a means to start the conversation of ‘it’s ok to not be ok, and we’re here to support you!'
"To know that people out there know your pain, and can live through it... I don't think anything has shown me more clearly that I should keep on going.
WOW! This has been a fantastic read for me. I am humbled by the privilege to share these accounts of personal situations, and awed by outcomes of in the face of adversity.


"A remarkable book. I was especially moved by your own story... The dominant message in this book is one of triumph over adversity, of hope and resilience, and of the healing power of love and care for others.”
Professor Patrick McGorry
Professor of Youth Mental Health (University of Melbourne), Executive Director of Orygen, & Founding Director of Headspace


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