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Glen Hulley Review Jas Rawlinson

    • Achieving over $7K in public donations for an anti-child exploitation charity named ‘Project Karma’ (through a #1 trending Newscorp article)
    • Having several articles featured in the #1 position on news.com.au, with many achieving over 100K views in their first few hours

So if you’re ready to work with someone who can help you find that ‘hook’ to really draw in readers & get them to emotionally connect with your cause… 

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sukhjit khalsa spoken word sikh australian

“WOW, I have had a lot of articles written about me in the last couple of years & I must say yours is my favourite one! Seriously – it flows so well & you’ve chosen to highlight points no one else does; it goes so much deeper than the general mainstream media article. Thank you!”
Sukhjit Khalsa, Australian Sikh spoken word artist, educator, performer & human rights reformer

Lauren Watson circus performer

“Jas Rawlinson was fantastic when she interviewed me for Issue 2 of Provoke  Magazine. I was nervous because it was my first feature but she made me feel at ease & wrote up an amazing story that was true to my character & what we discussed in person. I highly recommend her for journalism & editorial work. I would definitely think of her straight away if I was ever going to hire someone to help write my full autobiography”
Lauren Watson, Paraplegic Circus Aerial Performer